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SeaHorse Tales is full of topside and underwater photos that accompany the stories
 in Waterlogged!, Archives, and of course the photo Gallery.  Consider viewing at least
some of the photos in this site to take advantage of the full content.

SeaHorse Tales reports adventure and diving related "Tales" for your enjoyment. Link to Waterlogged!

Bazillions of fish at the West Papau dive sites

West Papua
Sardine Reef

Testing Don's Theory


Irian Jaya diving pictures from Raja Ampat via Indonesia liveaboards 2004 photo galleries by Deb Fugitt.

Diving the Wild West by Deb Fugitt. Report from the 1st four Americans trip to dive the Raja Empat islands of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya, Indonesia).

Five intrepid photographers explore the reefs, pinnicles, mucky sand flats and coral forests of St. Vincent. Well-Trained Eyes pay off for spotting unique critters!

Don's Theory by Margaret Bryant, describing her favorite dive in the Philippines where the best creatures are found when one of the group stays behind?

Diving Ghavutu is a tale from the Solomon Islands. Steve Norvich contributes this tale of wonderful creatures found in the shadows and sand around a World War II dock.

Can you dive the same site every day? Read "Special of the Day" a Tale of creatures found during a 3 week stay and repeat visits to a particular "best dive site".

A Tale from a prolific spot for seahorses and a favorite dive spot of this editor. Read A Christmas SeaHorse Tale by Woody Mayhew.

Don't these Marines have anything to do except dive?! This tale is a typical diving day in Okinawa, 200 foot visability, lots of interesting marine life. Please read Just Another Day At Sand Island.

Underwater Dance Troop, is an article on an inexpensive option for diving Mexico's Pacific coast, an easy option for divers in Southern California, from an author who lives in Okinawa.

The Rape of Indonesia's Reefs is an environmental article from an industry editor which includes links to many horrifying accounts of the destruction of the reefs in the center of marine biodiversity on this planet.

Our first contribution from Okinawa is on Night Diving for Cowries.

Have a look at a 4 day trip on Truth Aquatics' live aboard, Conception, in the Channel Islands of Southern California.

Cold water too uncomfortable? See the dry suit instruction experience from an experienced warm water diver's point of view in Drying Out.

Sophia Symeou contributed a story on the Diamond Reef System, a method of teaching buoyancy control.

The Nitrox course wasn't in the plans and neither was the Nitrox Tale. Deb, Maria and Sophie spent 10 days in the Red Sea aboard the M.V. Sea Surveyor. Take a look at Maria and Sophia's "Fish Eye View".

In June Waterlogged! was updated with a cute office Tale from the Philippines and a report from the Kingdom of Tonga.

Archives include Tales from the recent past including:

"Cave of the Custom Shark", a story from Munda in the Solomon Islands, about diving with Solomon Sea Divers and Agnes Lodge.

"Fishy Business", a fish Tale from the MV Solomon Sea in the Russell and Florida Island groups of the Solomon Islands.

"Drivin' and Divin'", a land-based tour around Bali, Indonesia.

"Lembeh Strait - Creatures at Kungkungan Bay Resort", from North Sulawesi, Indonesia where we counted 11 pygmy seahorses on one seafan. See the creatures in the Gallery from Lembeh.

See more Tales from the Philippine Islands, Solomon Islands, Club Ocellaris, MV Nautika, and others available in our Archives.

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